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Apt Projects is a small consultancy comprising the principal supported by associates as and when required.

Enquiries are handled from our Suffolk base by the principal, who will respond to the client, making a visit if necessary. We devote a lot of effort to ensure that the remit and objective of the potential assignment are fully agreed, ensuring that there are no unrealistic expectations on either side. The person who handles the enquiry does the work subsequently, unlike most major consultancies.

All work is undertaken in accordance with Apt's procedures and is independently reviewed before being submitted to the client. We believe that a consensus of opinions is always required before recommendations are made.


We work either from  our premises or in our Clients' offices as appropriate.  An ever increasing proportion of our work is from diverse locations around the world utilising virtual PM techniques (detailed elsewhere on this site).


We work strictly in  accordance with the PMI Code of Ethics for the Project Management Profession, which is the recognised standard governing how  project management professionals should operate.

Commercial Arrangements

On receipt of new enquiry the first consultation is free and without commitment.

We charge either on a per diem basis, or will work to a lump sum provided that the work can be sufficiently well defined, or (increasingly) payment by results.

Owing to our low overheads our rates are very reasonable for the calibre of personnel and experience offered.

We will be very pleased to provide an estimate or proposal against your requirements.


Case Study

Living quarters module

Alliancing Success

An interesting feature of the project above was that it was performed under an alliancing contract. The alliance was very broad based, encompassing a multitude of contractors engaged on the overall oilfield development project. The outcome was successful with both the client and the individual contractors significantly bettering their returns - a true "win win" situation. An innovation was that the alliance continued into the first few years of operation, meaning that the design / construction contractors had to accept responsibility for operational performance, requiring a major shift in previous thinking.

Many lessons have been learned about alliances including experience of the circumstances where they should or should not be used. Initial enthusiasm for alliances has been tempered in the light of experience, however a well planned alliance with committed partners remains one of the most successful contractual arrangements.

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