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On this page we detail some of our services related to the winning and execution of actual projects

Business Development

We undertake business development assignments for our clients on a highly confidential basis. We can either work as part of the client's team or independently, as appropriate to the opportunity.

Bid Support

The success of a project is largely determined during the definition phase, which for externally funded projects is during the bidding phase. If poor decisions are made at this stage it may be impossible to turn the project into a success later.

We are very experienced in bidding and the services we can offer at this stage are described on a linked page. A specific example of successful management of a major tender is shown in the side bar.

Project Management

We are extremely capable in the management of projects. We can either implant a team to work as part of an integrated PM team or (as is becoming increasingly popular) provide support services remotely.. Our management tools and procedures are all biased towards internet usage making the location of the project team members of secondary importance.

Our management services include the following::

  • implanting a core team to initiate the project
  • determine the main project organisation in conjunction with the client
  • identify and recruit the personnel to run the project
  • implementation of the project systems and procedures
  • provide overall supervison of the project team to ensure that it's operating as planned

Project Audits / Project Assurance

Our project audits look at the Project Management process, and are based on accepted, internationally recognised models. They are independent and unbiased and give confidence regarding the true health of a project. Typical situations where they are used:

  • Client wishing to audit a contractor's performance
  • corporate management wishing to have a health check on its projects
  • as part of due diligence

Our approach is detailed on the linked page.


Case Study

Gravity base structure

Success within a Major International Joint Venture - Getting the "Soft" Issues Right

One of the largest contracts ever awarded within the oil industry was for the design / construction of the above platform, including the development of the onshore construction site, labour camp and infrastructure in very hostile terrain. The contract was won by an international joint venture which had three main participants and two smaller ones. To complicate matters the three main players had local subsidiaries which would undertake the work; in all eight organisations were involved working in three countries.

The bidding was conducted over a period two years and was a significant project in its own right. The management team correctly identified that the major issue was to ensure that the bid team worked closely and in harmony. Especial attention was paid to team building (i.e. attending to the "soft" issues) and communications, at a time when modern electronic communications didn't exist. The personnel seconded to the bid team were all high-grade professionals and little management effort was needed in the mechanical aspects of the bid preparation, apart from routine co-ordination.

The resulting bid was an outstanding success, winning the contract and eliciting the comment from the client's team that the bid was "first class .. one of the best we have seen".

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